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We are an established company with many years experience in arboriculture. All aspects of tree care are undertaken by us including tree pruning, felling, hedge maintenance etc. with the utmost professionalism and care. Safety is also an important part of our job, as is customer satisfaction. Apart from tree care and maintenance, Lorimer Tree Surgeon Glasgow offer: A fully comprehensive, arboricultural, consultancy service.

Tree Preservation Orders
TPO is a legislative act for the protection of ancient trees and woodlands. All Planning Acts have included the protection of trees since 1932. It is an offence to fell, uproot, top, lop or destroy any tree that is subject to a Tree Preservation Order. Planning consent must be obtained from your local planning authority before the commencement of any tree work.

Conservation Areas
Conservation areas are designated areas of historic or architectural interest. Trees are included and therefore protected under this Conservation legislation. The Local Planning Authority must be informed prior to any tree works, whereby they have 6 weeks to respond to your application, if they fail to respond you are legally entitled to commence work as planned.

  Tree being dismantled  
  Lorimer Tree & Landscape Services Glasgow offer an emergency 24 hour call out service in the event of hazardous conditions.

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